The Early Years of Jay Adams (new book now available)


Seven Adams writes, Go check out my pops new book!“JAY BOY: The Early Years of Jay Adams” book with photos by Kent Sherwood (Dads stepfather) is now available. @glenefriedman designed the original version of this book in 2005 with @jboyadams and there are amazing photographs as well as shots from Paul Revere that weren’t in the original edition. Besides all of the incredible photos of Dad, there are photos of Shogo Kubo, Tony Alva, Baby Paul Cullen, Wentzle Ruml IV and others. Kent Sherwood has instructed Rizzoli to give all royalties to The whole Adams family children, Seven and Venice, and his widow, Tracy.


An endearing book of photographs of legendary skateboarding pioneer and Z-Boy Jay Adams during his childhood years, taken by Adams’s stepfather Kent Sherwood and now back in print for the first time since Adams’s passing.

Skateboarding legend Jay Adams’s sudden and unexpected death at the age of fifty-three shocked the world. Media outlets including the New York Times, the Washington Post, CNN, the Hollywood Reporter, ESPN, MTV, the Telegraph, and People magazine to name only a few, paid tribute to Jay Adams; the broad coverage he received speaks to the immense influence Adams had on the sport of skateboarding and the subsequent culture he helped grow and shape. Universe is pleased to bring back into print the little-known book of photographs of Jay Adams’s earliest days as a surfer and skateboarder, taken by his stepfather Kent Sherwood.

Sherwood is directly responsible for unleashing Adams’s talent on the world: he introduced Adams at a very young age to surfing and skateboarding. Sherwood, a self-taught photographer, began shooting the young Jay Adams at play, surfing, and skating with his friends, including Tony Alva, Wentzle Ruml, and Shogo Kubo, among others. Jay Boy is an endearing, intimate look at the gifted Adams and his friends, and includes sweet and revealing thoughts about his past, written in his own hand before he passed away. It is certain to appeal to any fan of skateboarding.

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